Vehicle Tracking

Over 5 years, Transight provides a premium service to ensure your vehicle is never out of sight. You have all information ranging from location, trips and engine control literally at your finger-tips.



Guardians is a smart student security solution that goes with each and every activity of a student with the help of advanced GPS and RFID Technologies for ensuring their complete safety.

24x7 Service Support

With 24x7 Service Centers, Transight offers its customer an uninterrupted connect with the service team ensuring a prompt response and quality support.

Customization Options

Transight leaves sufficient room for improvement and can be molded to fit each customer’s requirements. That is, in addition to all its features if a customer requires further customization, it can be incorporated.

Compass – AIS-140 Certified from ARAI

Compass is a flagship model of Transight with AIS-140 Certification from Automotive Research Association of India



Transight – Guardians

Guardians is a smart student security solution the goes with each and every activity of a student. Whether it be School Transportation, Attendance, Payments, Academics and even to very minute updates from the school. All are recorded and connected to the parent through a single Application.


What others are saying

Transight really excites me with its interactive interfaces and a bunch of useful options in it. Apart from that, response of the service team and their enthusiasm in supporting the client are worth appreciable.

, buyer

Transight helps to manage my fleet more efficiently than before. The options of customization is really useful and I have got it done according to my own requirements.

George Francis, User