App for all smart gadgets

Transight has an online tracking facility, mobile app and desktop app, allowing users to trace vehicles on various smart gadgets. The speed of internet connection is irrelevant in the smooth performance of mobile and desktop apps.


Fleet Management solutions

All vital information regarding your entire fleet is available at your fingertips; be it the exact location of each vehicle or real-time fuel consumption. So sit back and relax while we help you streamline your fleet operations. Some of the primary features are:




High-end processor and communication modules

Transight board is crafted with high performance processors and discreet modules procured from world-class semiconductor labs such as Philips NXP, Telit, Bourns, etc; who also reviewed and certified the board’s designs. Hence, the assurance of our products is not just our own, it is also of these world-class labs.


Fleet Control Room

Transight can set up an exclusive high-end fleet control room through which you can keep track of your vehicles 24X7. It is equipped with advanced satellite tracking display units, vehicle immobilizer controls and other real-time monitoring devices, managed by highly eligible engineers. All the information you need is just a toll-free call away.

Mobile App

Real-time tracking

This unique feature allows you to track your vehicle down to seconds with utmost precision, along with all information ranging from location, speed and engine status.


Trip management

Schedule your vehicle’s trip between any two locations and get notified when it leaves the starting point and reaches the destination. This feature also allows the driver to communicate with the Transight server via onboard interface, making the trip updates in real-time.

Spot vehicle

This unmatched feature lets you spot the position of your vehicle anytime in the past. All you need to do is select a date and time for which you need these details and Transight will do the rest.


Halt alerts

This hottest feature of Transight detects all the halts made by your vehicle, their duration and the distance between them. This enables the user to recognize each and every halt made by a vehicle during its course of journey.

Location alerts

While on a tedious journey if you wish inform someone about crossing an important landmark or entering a major route, just mark these locations in Transight map. While you enjoy your journey, Transight will worry about informing people on your whereabouts.

Fleet Safety1

Efficient route tracing technology

Transight ‘route tracer’ allows you to track the route travelled, distance covered and average speed of your vehicle during any time period in the past. This feature is so accurate, each turn made by your vehicle; uphill climbs and downhill speeds are all in record and can be accessed by you at any time.

Deviation alerts

If the driver has to make a deviation from the planned route due to unforeseen circumstances selected users will be alerted.



Transight allows users to create virtual fences around your home, worksite, city, and so on, so that each time your vehicle leaves these boundaries or enters them, you will be notified.


Reports and statistics

Transight lets you generate automatic reports and statistics on desired parameters to aid in the performance evaluation of your fleet. With the broad category of information provided by Transight, the user can correctly identify, examine and perceive the most expensive and efficient journeys, and the usage of each vehicle in their fleet.

Data history

Transight offers customers a highly secured data pool where all incoming information about vehicles, users and other applications are stored, sorted and structured. Hence, users can access any data about the vehicle position, routes, reports and expenses from the past using their phone or PC.