Research and Development

The exceptionally innovative members of Transight’s research and development team are always on the look-out for novel technologies and promising inventions. They conduct extensive studies to comprehend the requirements and shortcomings of the market in general and target customers in particular. The ultimate aim of the research and development team is to refine and improve Transight products in an effort to herald a technologically enhanced society, set in a life of comfort and ease. With this holistic vision and the endorsement of various international tech giants, Transight hopes to constantly progress at a fast pace.

On-going Projects

Satellite Tracking

Satellite Tracking

One of the most important projects undertaken by the Transight research and development team is satellite tracking. The disadvantage of current tracking systems is that the system loses its range across international boundaries, deserts, forests, remote offshore locations, etc. With the installment of satellite tracking, these shortcomings can be avoided.

R&D team is also trying to incorporate iridium satellite networks to Transight. Iridium, the largest satellite communications company, operates the most reliable and largest commercial satellite constellation currently available. With a constellation 66 satellites, their system gives coverage to every inch of the planet.

Once this system is incorporated into Transight, cargo monitoring of ships and other off-shore vessels can be conducted online from an office. Additionally, this system also notifies you when ships and boats cross international boundaries. Moreover, with the system to check for storms and sent emergency alerts, the safety of fishing boats and ships that venture into the sea is almost fully guaranteed. Not to mention with the option of being constantly in touch, you are with your vessel virtually all the time.

On-board Navigation

Transight is on the process of integrating an onboard navigation system to the GPS modem that can be accessed using a touch screen interface. This screen shows the current location of the vehicle and provides a detailed map using which drivers can follow directions to reach exact locations.
This feature can assist the logistic team in allocating routes to be covered and precise halts to be made by each vehicle and in distributing them to respective drivers instantly. Incidentally, one can also pre-set this information from the control room in advance and share it among all the drivers, keeping the entire team on loop or allow the drivers to individually follow a map to reach respective destinations.
On top of this, all vehicle-related information can be integrated into this system giving uniformity to it. This feature promises to be a game changer in services that are time-sensitive, as letting a driver track down directions while driving not only saves time, but also energy.

Unique Fuel Sensor

Fuel Sensor

With this top-notch technology vehicle owners can detect the fuel level variations up to one liter. The fuel level sensors being developed wholly in Transight Lab utilizes advanced inductive level sensing technology, ensuring the high accuracy of the device.

The exceptional quality of the machine, however, is that it can be customized to check the fuel level in tanks of varying sizes. Even during bumpy rides and uphill mounting, the fuel level of the vehicles will be highly precise.