As a product built to make the lives of every vehicle owner and driver easier, Transight is capable of infinite customisation possibilities. Altering the device on software as well as hardware levels will ensure the ubiquitous presence of Transight and its countless benefits in your day-to-day life. What this implies is that you can exclusively have all the features you require in your vehicle tracking device, even if it is not present in a standard Transight device.

Moreover in the case of Transight, an indigenous Vancrafts product, all parts have been researched, developed and crafted by the Vancrafts team. Hence, altering the product can also be done in-house, rendering the work inexpensive, fast and cost-effective. Like all other Vancrafts services, even the minutest alterations requested by clients will be heeded to, immediately.

Although the customisation possibilities for Transight know no bounds, here are some features that could prove beneficial to many customers.


Integrate with company ERP

With this remarkable feature, all Transight data can be fed to your company’s Enterprise Resource Planning software. This means that the management is privy to all vehicle-related information, including ignition status, speed of travel, halt points and duration, etc. To a company that likes to keep a close watch on the whereabouts and status of its fleet, this feature is unavoidable.



Cargo temperature and pressure monitoring

Transight offers the option of keeping a tab on the cargo in vehicles at all times. This feature would prove invaluable when transporting goods that are susceptible to temperature and pressure variations. With this customization, user can either ensure these variables remain constant for the duration of the journey or even remotely control them in order to maintain a healthy balance constantly.

On board navigation

Transight can integrate an onboard navigation system to its standard GPS modem that can be operated using a touch screen interface. This navigation screen shows the current location of the vehicle along with a detailed map, using which drivers can follow directions to reach specific locations. This system allows logistic teams to pre-set routes to be covered by each vehicle from the control room and share it among all the drivers, keeping the entire team on loop or allow drivers to individually follow a map to reach respective destinations. This feature will be a game changer in services that are time-sensitive, as letting a driver track his directions and trace his roots via an on board navigation system not only saves time, but also energy.


Spot the nearest ‘helper’

Transight offers an ingenious method to save time and other hassles during emergency situations. When someone makes a call for an emergency service from a vehicle looped to Transight system, it is immediately forwarded to the closest crew instead of their operation room. For example, say you want to dial for an ambulance (101), instead of connecting it to their control room Transight device instantly tracks the closest ambulance and forwards the call to them. This saves all the backroom hindrances that may otherwise delay the arrival of the ambulance.

Bluetooth links your car to your phone

With this exciting new feature, your vehicle and all information related to it reaches your phone and vice versa instantaneously. With the Bluetooth in your mobile, all vehicle data can be synchronized in your phone at lightning speed, even over a radius of 100 meters. This handy feature allows you to control your vehicle remotely and efficiently from the comforts of your house or office, using just Bluetooth.